Topping exams just became easier

Unleash the power of analytics to top NEET, JEE-Mains, BITSAT, etc. and realise your dreams of becoming

A software engineer.

A cardiologist.

An automobile engineer.

A mechanical engineer.

A dentist.

An astronaut.

A paediatrician.

A web developer.

An aerospace engineer.

An industrial designer.

A neurosurgeon.

How ScoreMore Works

Strengthen your weak spots, practice, and top!

Take A Test

Take a test on the subject you’re currently studying. It could be on the entire syllabus or just a few chapters. The key here is to keep taking more and more tests to ensure you get the most practice, and to better understand your performance through our system’s smart feedback.


Every time you take a test out of our 60,000+ question bank, our system learns more about how your performance is which allowed you to get all sorts of valuable feedback on your performance on the test you just took, including answering speed, strong chapters, weak chapters, etc. to fully get an insight of where you stand.


After identifying which your strong and weak spots are, you can smartly plan what to spend more time on and take highly customised tests to target those weak spots and work hard on them. This ensures that you are not just working hard but smart without wasting any time!

Repeat the above process to ScoreMore and realize your dreams!


ScoreMore offers you a host of features to aid you in intuitive ways
to really practice smarter and focus on the areas that matter.

Reports (for guardians/parents)

Monitor your ward's performance on a regular basis by receiving detailed weekly/monthly reports to ensure constant improvements.

Weakness Identification

When you get 78% on a test, find out where exactly the other 22% went to seriously give more attention to and target weak areas.

Question Bank

A large and ever growing question bank in each subject ensures you have the latest and greatest questions ready for you to practice


See how your peers are doing weekly/monthly/overall or chapter wise to see where you realistically stand.


Get detailed statistics - right from which chapters' questions you're spending more time on, to your answering speeds, to performance over the past week.


Whether it's a 20 minute easy paper on the last two chemistry chapters you studied, or a 50 minute tough paper on the last five mathematics chapters you went through, get the test you want

Practice Mode

*Keep attempting questions and immediately getting the answer and solution to really keep your mind fresh*.

Adaptive Difficulty

While in practice mode, the questions coming will adjust to your current level of performance and increase or decrease in difficulty based on how you're doing.


This is your home from which you have a bird's eye view of how you're doing in every faucet of your preparation for your entrance exams

Revision Material & Formulae

Quick concepts to brush up on basics and formulae before and after attempting tests.

Previous Year Papers'

Previous years' papers of KCET, JEE-Mains/Advanced, COMED-K, etc.

Standardised Tests

Attempt KCET, JEE-Mains/Advanced, COMED-K, and other tests in their standardised formats including duration, negative marking, etc.